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Thank you so much for your interest in being a part of our wellness community.  We are excited to work with you to promote group healing and encourage vibrant, happy lives.  Our mission is to help others have the energy, vitality and clarity to joyfully fulfill their life purpose and realize their highest potential. The Remedy seeks to do this in partnership with our community healers, which is why hosting workshops is an integral part of our program. We believe that there are many different modalities that act as a conduit for the healing process, and want to offer diverse opportunities to our community. We are very grateful that you see our mission as congruent with your own.  Thank you for joining us.

Andrea Telfer-Karbo

Hosting A Workshop or Class Series at The Remedy

Workshop Duration Options:
-  Half Day: up to 4 hours (including setup and breakdown) 
-  Full Day: up to 8 hours (including setup and breakdown) 

Specialty Classes:   
-  Specialty Classes may be up to 90 minutes in length, and offered singularly or as a Series.   
-  Series must be scheduled for consecutive weeks on the same day, at the same time, for a minimum of 3 weeks. 

The Remedy provides: 
-  Sunlit workshop room with Pergo floor;  bathroom and kitchen.      
-  Up to 15 chairs, 2 large tables and 2 small tables.   
-  MindBody software integration for registering participants and collecting payment online.
A URL for this listing will be provided upon confirmation. 
-  A staff member to be present for opening and closing of the building.  
-  Social Media Marketing: 
        * Advertising on Facebook & Instagram 3x prior to the event. 
        * A listing on our website under the ‘News and Events’ tab. 

You (Practitioner/Facilitator) provide: 
-  A deposit and signed contract upon our acceptance of proposal (details on next page). 
-  All additional materials and tools needed to facilitate the workshop.   
-  Setup and breakdown efforts: please leave the facility clean and make sure the garbage is taken out after the event. We will provide a checklist of the cleaning protocol.  
-  A “head shot” and/or logo that represents you and your business for promotional purposes.
-  We ask that your personal marketing materials for the workshop contain logo, which will be emailed to you upon confirmation.   
-  If providing food, the menu honors the consciousness of our facility, and includes healthy and uplifting treats and snacks.

Conditions and Payment Policies 

Deposits are collected to reserve your spot on our calendar, and will be fully refunded upon successful completion of your workshop, provided that the minimum enrollment has been met.

-  Half-day workshop (4 hrs): $75 deposit
-  Full day workshop (8 hrs): $150 deposit 
-  Class Series Policy:   $35 deposit per class
      (ie. a 4-Class Series will owe a deposit of $140.)  

-  The Remedy will collect all payment and be responsible
for participant registration via MindBody software.
-  The Practitioner/Facilitator is a 10-99 Independent Contractor. 
We will provide you with a 10-99 at the end of the year. 
-  All expenses beyond what The Remedy provides as listed above are the
responsibility of the Practitioner/Facilitator.
-  The Remedy will cut you a check for 50% of the final sales within
one week after the workshop is completed.

-  Partnering with Andrea: same guidelines apply, except The Remedy retains 60%
and the Partner Practitioner retains 40% of final sales after expenses.

We have a seasonal calendar, which we will finalize before each season begins. When you send your proposal, we work to create a cohesive calendar for the season and will be in contact with you if we accept your proposal, to finalize the details of your workshop. Upon acceptance, we will make a finalized contract and collect the deposit. 

Cancellation Policy
-  Two week notice recommended and encouraged.
-  Deposits are non-refundable with less than two weeks advance notice.
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